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Who We Are

Bango Trading (Pty) Ltd is a civil works and road surfacing contractor which is registered under company act and its registration number is BW00000416887 and registered in 1992 and is registered with PPADB in Code 03 Civil Enineering Sub Code 04 Road Surfacing Grade D. Bango trading (Pty) Limited is a nationwide company which operating in Botswana.Bango trading has been established to meet the long-term growth needs, dwelling on local resources and capabilities. Our purpose is to develop world class project management capability and to produce business leaders and managers who will contribute in the field of project management.

We are a professionally managed entrepreneur with a team of civil Engineers and Project Management Experts possessing experience of several years in the fields of civil works and road surfacing contraction. Bango Trading derives its corporate identity from the rich experience of its executive management in managing corporate affairs and project business. While we emphatically pursue our business targets, we never let our focus off from health and safety of all souls and resources employed on our projects and the environment we live and work in. We target zero injury and strive for making this planet a better livable place for our future generations.

Our Services

Road Surfacing

The pervasive use of asphalt in many areas of construction has created a need for a specialised focus on asphalting services.

Premix surfacing and overlays

We are dedicated to achieving sustainable, long-term transport solutions by providing high-quality road surfacing and construction services for economic growth.

Single and double Otta seal surfacing

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Double seal surfacing

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Our Responsibilities

Bango Trading takes health and safety seriously because it affects works and community at large. We comply with instructions or control measures such as the wear of personal protective equipment. We co-operate with the SHE Officer on health and safety and training requirements. And correctly use and report any defects on work equipment provided by the company this could be machinery, tools or personal protective equipment. Do not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety or welfare. y.

The security of the company's property is of parampount importance and management will do all that is necessary to ensure that all acts of malicious damage, vandalism and theft are averted at all costs. This includes among other things such as provision of all the sites with security guards, installation of security fencing around all the sites, provide lockable for all tools and equipment, technological ways such as CCTVs.

Bango Trading general have legal duty to ensure that: Steps are taken to assess health and safety risk, including the risk of occupational HIV infection. The risk of possible HIV infection is minimized. Staff traing is undertaken on safety steps to be taken following an accident. Universal infection control procedures are used in any situation where there is possible exposure to blood or blood products; Universal infection control equipment is available for employees at the site of any accident. .

A site Waste Management Plan (SWMP) is be prepared for construction stage which will contain an inventory of wastes, both currently on site and generated as part of the ongoing construction works. Whenever possible, a principle of reduce-reuse-recycle will be adopted.

Best hygiene practices shall be carried out on the site at all times. Rubbish will be collected daily onward recycling, disposal. Good quality messing facilities/ canteen will be provided on site to promote the responsible consumption of food under hygienic conditions. This will also reduce the likelihood of scavengers and pests.

Our Values

Our values are our beliefs. All employees are required to work in guidance with the below values:

•Law Abiding

Our Mission

•To provide construction and engineering services with four creative approach within budget and time-line.
•To gain satisfaction of our clients and to be the preferred partner for their most challenging projects.
•To encourage innovation, teamwork, professional integrity, commitment, up gradation of knowledge and skills of employees and a safe working environment.
•To be a responsible corporate citizen committed to the social cause

Our Vision

Our vision is to aspires to be a strong and quality conscious company in the area of Civil engineering and construction of infrastructure development such as roads and water drainage systems

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Company that provide general maintenance of bitumen services

Our special Team

Mr Moffat James

Managing Director

Chendzimu James


Mohammad Asad Rizwan


Finance Manager

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